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About Us

International Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (ICSE) is a skills development, seminars, and training service provider delivering accredited generic and customized training programmes to cooperates, contractor’s government and social organizations and students. This service enhances business performance and ensures that sustainability and excellence is attained.

Our Vision

To be a preferred and recognized business training centre providing high quality, responsive, accredited, cost effective, innovative, sustainable, profitable programs, coaching sessions and seminars in Swaziland and neighboring countries through various training solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of the Training Centre is to provide high quality accredited training to develop a professional’s attitude of excellence and ensure that organizations are sustainable.

Our Objective

It will be the objective of the Training Centre to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude of excellence in the trainees.


Offered by ICBSE

Our products are aligned to continuously changes in customer needs to ensure that sustainable, creative and relevant solutions are provided in areas such as:

  1. Quality Management,
  2. Environmental Management ,
  3. Occupational Health and Safety,
  4. HIV and AIDS Training & Awareness,
  5. Employee Wellness,
  6. Emergency Preparedness,
  7. Business Management,
  8. Business Sustainability and,
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The above products provide solutions to employees, students, government and businesses. The main services provided by the centre are:

  • Training,
  • Auditing,
  • Consulting
  • International SHERQ Summit and
  • International Conference of SHEQ (ICSHEQ).


Offered by ICBSE

Environmental Management

Safer work, better lives...

ISO14001:2015 EMS introduction
ISO14001;2015 EMS Implementation
ISO14001: 2015: Internal Auditing
ISO14001:2015 EMS Lead auditor
Climate change

Quality Management

High quality...

ISO9000:2015 EMS introduction
ISO9000:2015 EMS Implementation
ISO9000:2015 Internal Auditing
ISO9000:2015 EMS Lead auditor.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Health & safety...

ISO14001000:2015 EMS introduction
ISO45000:2015 EMS Implementation
ISO45000:2015 Internal Auditing
ISO45000:2015 Lead auditor
Working at heights
Incident investigation
First Aid
Confined Space
Asbestos Safety,
Work Health Safety,
Telecommunication Rigging
Tower Climbing
Transport Equipment Training

Food Safety Management

Food safety...